About Us

Hey there! My name is Chelsea, the owner of The Dance Habit. I have a BFA in dance with an emphasis in ballet. I've been so fortunate to dance at a professional level through my experience in the Alonzo King Lines Training program and in Living Water located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have taught all ages, and currently work as an adjunct dance professor at Oral Roberts University. I can't believe this will be my ninth year teaching at the school. Each semester I even get to dive into my favorite type of work, creating choreography alongside students who are so eager to learn more about the craft of movement. I'm so glad you are here and I can't wait to know more about you.

In teaching dance, I love for my students to get a visual of the vocabulary. That being said, about eight years ago, I sat down to create that vocabulary list so I could put it on a shirt and wear it to teach in and that is the tiny origin story of The Dance Habit. I've been playing with creating graphics and unique pieces for dancers ever since. Follow along with me as I get started with blogging about dancing, teaching, and choreography.

When I'm not dancing, I have the privilege of choreographing the ins and outs of life with my husband, two kids, and cat.